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The Attorneys at have been in business for over 35 years, yet they don't try to impress you with big words and actually listens to your concerns. In fact, many people say they don't act like lawyers at all. When tax matters turn criminal, you need to take the appropriate precautions to minimize or eliminate the damage. The operative word when dealing with criminal matters is speed: working efficiently and diligently to keep the matter civil. Be mindful that no matter what the civil consequences are, any resolution and associated tax bill, is better than prison time! 

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The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the IRS works with startling efficiency in investigating and pursuing taxpayers who commit federal tax crimes:

  • The IRS Criminal Investigation Division has almost as many agents as investigations, which results in you being assigned your own personal agent who is devoted solely to your criminal investigation.
  • The IRS published statistics that reveal that approximately 80% of criminal tax investigations result in an indictment.
  • Over 90% of the indictments against taxpayers result in a conviction.
    • Out of 1,666 criminal investigations recommended for indictment in the fiscal year 2015, 1,664 were sentenced.

It's not hopeless, since of the CID investigations initiated in 2015; almost 25% did not get recommended for prosecution! This means that you must work quickly and precisely to keep criminal matters from turning the corner.

The Attorneys at can help you with the following:

1.       Assessing the situation quickly with a complete review of the facts.

2.       Quickly contact with the IRS, either the Criminal Investigation Division directly or the IRS civil investigator who is trying to turn your case criminal

3.     Interview the agent in charge of the investigation to find out what they know where they are headed, and work to steer the matter  quickly in a positive direction.

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